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As many of you will be aware, the club produce a highlights package for every home game and now the match day camera man Mike Parrish will be using Plymouth Parkway as his central focus for his dissertation/honours projects as he enters his final year at University.

Below is a statement from Mike regarding what he hopes to achieve from this project. We as a club fully support Mike in his project and if you want to get involved or have a story, you can contact Mike with the details provided at the bottom of this Press Release.

Plymouth Parkway Documentary – Season 2019-20

A film by Mike Parrish

As many of you are aware, I have been documenting Plymouth Parkways continued success both on and off the pitch for the past two seasons. This has been covered through video form in the shape of match day highlights, interviews and other key points over the past 24 months.

With this being my final year at the club and my final year at university, I purpose I tie the two together and finish strongly for both Plymouth Parkway and Marjon University.

My vision is to follow Plymouth Parkways second season in the Western League in the form of a season long documentary. I will look to focus on what goes on both on the pitch as well as off it. This documentary will be my submission project for my dissertation/ honours project for my final year at Marjon University.

I am seeking willing contributors from the club who I can follow and gain insight into what goes into making a football club work and the passion behind it. This will start from the chairman, through to the management, the players and supporters of this football club.

My vision is a big one, and it is one I firmly believe I can produce to a very professional standard. It will be seen as a moment in time for the football club and will ultimately be a product that will make Plymouth Parkway raise the bar further in terms of non-league football across the county.

This documentary will be the focus of my dissertation at university but the final product will be given to the board at Plymouth Parkway to use in any way that will benefit the club.

If YOU would like to get involved in this project or feel that you have a story that you would like to share, then do not hesitate to get in contact with myself.

My contact number is 07496357488 and will normally be free to take a call through daily working hours.

You can also contact me via email – [email protected]

I hope everyone will see this as a fantastic opportunity for the club and will be accommodating to the film.

The hard works starts now for myself, not only for filming but for contacting and confirming willing contributors to the film.

One final note, the highlights will still be produced for the home games alongside the making of the documentary. As always, I only have Plymouth Parkways best intentions in mind and that will never change.

I’ve loved my time at Plymouth Parkway and I want to finish with a bang…

Mike Parrish

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