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Supporters Club making waves at Bolitho

(Above, The original PPSC cast)

With ground improvements continuing to gather momentum as the new season moves closer, a new landmark can now be seen at Bolitho Park.

A new Irrigation system and water reservoir is now in place and will be hugely significant to maintain the already wonderful work that has taken place on the Bolitho playing surface.

The irrigation and water reservoir has been purchased by the Plymouth Parkway supporters club who have played a pivotal role in many ground improvements since starting up in 2015. It’s a supporter’s club that has played a huge role within Bolitho, but it has also forged long standing friendships and a place where the supporters love of Plymouth Parkway is expressed.

Founding member Stuart Cadmore began the PPSC after a conversation before a Parkway fixture as Stuart recalls: “We started the supporters club, when someone said to me, ‘who are we playing next week?”. It was the use of the word ‘we’ that indicated we were more than just a park team for the casual observer.

The PPSC started with 28 members and has grown each season with 75 members now signed up ahead of the 2021-22 season. Plymouth Parkway chairman Mark Russell has always stated how proud he is that Parkway boast a Supporters Club and before the new season, his support of the PPSC remains the same: “The supporters club is fantastic, it’s a great chance for the board to understand what fans are thinking and if our own approach is the right approach at times. Sometimes we may not see things the same way but that’s also great, it’s good to have that as it will make the football club a better place moving forward.”

With all the work that has taken place so far at Bolitho, the reservoir will be another hugely important feature as Mark Russell fully understands: “We thank them for the support in purchasing the new reservoir and their donations and hard work will never go unnoticed within the club. We are so lucky to have their support and we look forward to seeing the supporters club thrive as we move into the Southern League.”

The supporters club is open to all and is a place where you feel part of the club as Stuart adds: “For the sum of £20 subscription, members meet with the Directors of the club on a regular basis. Get up to the date information on matches, players, club sales, events, cancellations and general ‘gossip’ within the club and can express their view on a personal basis to the clubs directors.”

If you are interested in joining the Plymouth Parkway Supporters Club, you can contact Stuart Cadmore by calling 07891 476280

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