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Plymouth Parkway Supporters Club Season 2021/22

” The last Supporters Club player of the month took place at the last home game in April. The winner was Captain, Mike Landricombe, who was the April player of the month. Mike was presented with his trophy by Paul Christie a member of the supporters club and indeed a sponsor of Mike, many congrats Mike.

As the last one was being presented, the numbers of nominations throughout the season were added up for the Supporters Club Player of the Year. There had been some sixteen different player nominations received during the season and the number of nominations were recorded. At the end of the season Bill Palfrey had received the most nominations over the year and becomes the Plymouth Parkway Supporters Club Player of the Year. His trophy was presented at the presentation evening function. Well done Billy.”


‘ The PPSC members continue to nominate their player of the month. For the month of March the winner was Finley Craske, who is on loan from Argyle and has recently been drafted back into their squad for the Easter period. Presenting the award is Tina Gilbert, the Merchandising Officer of the PPSC. Tina works very hard to raise funds and is constantly looking for new avenues to sell through her shop.’

“The Supporters Club continues to vote for its player of the month. Billy Palfrey scooped both the January and February award for player of the month. Here he is being presented with his January award by Shaun Moore, of ‘Better Bathrooms and Kitchens’, who sponsors Billy at the club. Presenting the February award is Lisa Moore, representing the sponsors as well.”


‘The PPSC continues to help the football club and to look after its members interests in keeping them up to date with information. We now have a paid up membership of some 92.

As you can see from the picture we continue to select a player of the month with an open invitation to club members to vote. We had a double presentation on 25th Jan due to the postponement of matches.

Linda & Malcolm Sowden did the honours, they have been particularly supportive of the club and have travelled many miles with their support for the team.

The November player of the month was presented to Mike Landricombe, the December player of the month to River Allen. Throughout the season the totals of all nominations are kept and the player with the most becomes Plymouth Parkway Supporters Club, player of the year.


Plymouth Parkway’s Supporters Club player of the month award for December was presented to River Allen by Malcolm and Linda Sowden

Plymouth Parkway’s Supporters Club player of the month award for November was presented to Mike Landricombe by Malcolm and Linda Sowden

Plymouth Parkway’s Supporters club have voted Jack Crago as Parkway’s player of the month for October. It is Jack’s second POTM award with the new signing catching the eye of many Parkway Supporters. Jack was presented his award by his sponsor Ian Kendall before the FA Trophy Second Round fixture vs Hampton and Richmond Borough

Plymouth Parkway’s Supporters Club Player of the Month for September has been awarded to Jack Crago. Jack was presented the POTM award by his sponsors Dave Cross & John Lavis before the Southern League Division One South fixture vs Cirencester Town

Plymouth Parkway’s Supporters Club Player of the Month for August has been awarded to Kyle Moore. Kyle was presented the POTM award by supporter club member Colin Edwards before the Southern League Division One South fixture vs Paulton Rovers


“Well the Plymouth Parkway Supporters Club is up and running once again now. Above is the monthly Player of the Month presentation to Kyle Moore, keeper, presented by long standing veteran and gate keeper of the club, Colin Edwards. Kyle is the first of the season and indeed the first in the Southern League for the club to get the trophy. At the end of the season all the nominations are collated up from each month and the PPSC Player of the Season is the result.

Leaning on the fence are four committed supporters who have helped develop the supporters club over many years, recruiting, helping at the ground, etc. At this moment in time we have 88 fully paid up members, some in different parts of the country who maintain their membership. Let’s hope for a full season in front of us.” – Stuart Cadmore

Plymouth Parkway Supporters  Club Season 2021/22

The Supporters Club continues during the ‘winter break’ with the latest Player of the Month award. At the last home match before the lock down Ryan Richards was presented with his award for the month of October by one of the founding members of the Supporters Club ‘Baz’ Nolan. The PPSC continues to grow and with 77 paid up members must represent one of the largest groups at step 5.’


October 2020 Update
The PPSC are up and running in this strange 2020/21 season and will run as long as the season runs. Already we have started the PPSC Player of the month. (someone may have a picture of the presentation). There was a clear winner for the month of September and that was Harrison Davis. There were some six different nominations which shows the strength in depth of the quality players with Parkway. The supporters club are continuing raising funds for the development of the ground for all spectators and have already committed funds to the recent developments for the football club. Already this season we have raised in excess of £2500. We have some 76 paid up members in the club, room for plenty more, so for £20 for the season you can get all the info on matches, travel, players and ‘goings on’ at the club. One stand out individual at the moment within the PPSC is Dave Williams, Dave has taken over the supporters club quality match day raffle and works really hard to raise the money. Well done Dave

The PPSC has gone from strength to strength since it was formed in 2015 with some 20 interested people to our membership of today of 67 fully paid up members.
The upward trend is no doubt due to the increased development of the football club both on the field and the facilities.
We have started this season of 2019/20 with the continuation of the supporters player of the month which for the August was Adam Carter, so congratulations to Adam.
We have also already donated to the club, the sum of nearly £800 for the purchase of two industrial strimmers, which were badly needed by the volunteers who look after the ground,under the leadership of Garry Turner.
So read the below leaflet, we offer exciting football to watch, an exciting and well developed ground to visit with superb facilities.



Latest News
Player of the Month – October and November 2019
The monthly player of the month continues to be chosen by those members of the PPSC, the October choice for them was Ryan Lane, who has been presented with his award. The November choice was Jordan Copp who will be presented at the next home match !! It’s interesting to point out that there have been some 13 different nominations this season so far, which demonstrates the strength of the squad.

Christmas Dinner
Members of the Supporters Club held their first purely social event, as opposed to fund raising doo’s, at the club on Thursday, 19th December. After four years in existence a formal Christmas Dinner was organised with the massive help of the football club officers, to which members and there partners sat down for a real ‘silver service’ meal. The evening was a great success and strengthened the social side of the supporters club. This may well become an annual event if according to those there who thoroughly enjoyed the evening. To those that did not attend, I say, don’t miss out on the next one!!

Player of the Month – September 2019
The Supporters Club has continued the season with its player of the month for September, unfortunately due to weather and a slight problem the PPSC was not able to present it yet this month. But the winner was Billy Palfrey, who will receive his award soon. Again there were eight players nominated but Billy was the top. Well done.

Player of the Month
Plymouth Parkway presented its Player of the Month Award for Feb/March, to Rob Farkins at the Home game against Exmouth Town on Friday, 13th April. The engraved salver was presented by Mr Pat Bullen, a member of the PPSC. There were some seven nominations in all which yet again shows the high standard of players within the Parkway squad.

Player of the Month
The player of the month this time was in fact for the two months of December & January, due to the lack of matches played in the present bad weather for grounds. There were again some seven differeent player nominations from different members of the PPSC, which is indeed a good thing for the status of the club. The winner this time was Glyn Hobbs and was presented with his engraved salver by Pat Bullen, PPSC member, at the Camelford game on 24th February 2018.
The player of the month for February has been cancelled due to the fact that only two matches have been played. The Club will commence the award again at the end of March, with hopefully more than two matches played!!

Player of the Month
There were seven nominations for the Supporters Club Player of the Month for November. Which continues the theme of a squad with quality players.
This time it was a draw, so the Joint Winners for November were Christian Pople and Mikey Wiliams. Congratulations to both.
The players were presented with their engraved salvers prior to the Launceston match, on 16th December by two members of the supporters Club, Brian Taylor and Ian Pearce.

Player of the month
The Supporters Club continued with its presentation to players for it’s player of the month for October. There were again a number of nominations, eight in all, which continues to show the quality of the squad. In fact there were only three votes separating the top three nominations. The winner for the month of October was Ben Joyce, who was presented with his engraved salver after the FA Vase match on Saturday 11th November, by the Chairman of the Supporters Club, John McCoy.

Some recent developments in the Parkway Supporters Club.
The members decided to sponsor a player for the club in line with individuals and local business’s. As a result of the last meeting we held, we agreed to sponsor Nick Milton.

Also some while ago we decided to vote for a player of the month, at the end of each month the members would vote for their favourite player. It was also agreed that we would give a small silver platter to the winning player each month, inscribed accordingly.

As a result of the September vote, there were some nine nominations, which shows the quality of the team at the moment. The winner for September was Mikey Williams, who was presented with his salver after the match against Ivybridge Town by the Secretary of the PPSC Stuart Cadmore.

To those new to this part of the web within the club – the PPSC is now in its third season and has grown over the years from a start of twenty members to now fifty seven. The whole purpose of the group is to enjoy match days more with ‘social ‘ banter and raise money, to help the club improve the ground and facilities for all who attend matches.

The cost per season is £20, if joining part way through then it works out at £2 per month left in the season.

We have PPSC car stickers available at £1.50 and PPSC cufflinks at £5

We have meetings, info on matches, players, fixture changes and match notifications.

So why not join us, give it a try.