Plymouth Parkway have setup a footy picks league for fun, it is £10 to enter and each person will have the chance to win the pot, how it works is:-

Download the APP here –

Sign up and Use code – 375-66359074

You will now be part of the Parkway league.

You will now be able to add £10 to your account to enter, and then you will be asked to select a team from the upcoming fixtures.

In all leagues you will need to select one team each week who you believe will win their fixture. (make sure you make this selection before the deadline or ‘you are out of there’)

The winner of the pot will be the person who is last standing, so the pot remains until someone wins or everyone loses, and if everyone loses it would rollover. You can only pick each team once.

Parkway will get a 20% donation out of the prize fund so you are having fun and also helping the club raise money.

Full rules here –