Inside Parkway

With Austen Booth

By Keira Bassett - 8 February 2023

We recently went behind the scenes and caught up with Parkway powerhouse, Austen Booth.

Austen has been voted as the Parkway Supporters Club player of the month several times, and for good reason!

We asked Austen:

You joined Parkway from Tiverton Town at the beginning of this season but it’s obviously not the first time you have been part of the team. What’s your thoughts about the club’s progression and how do you feel you have settled in?

 “The progression is brilliant, back-to-back promotions at any level of football is an amazing achievement. The club have done really well over the years to recruit great players and, if you mix that with the staff and how hard everyone works together, the only way is up”.

It’s been a bit stop start these past few months owing to the weather, what are the team doing to try and keep the momentum going despite that?

 “I’ve never known anything like it! However, the club will always make sure that we train, the sessions we do are always meaningful and enjoyable. There are also some great characters in the group, so togetherness is never in doubt”.

This season is a special moment in history for Parkway being in the Southern League Premier South, what’s been the most memorable moment for you so far?

“For me it was beating Oxford City in the trophy, just because of how unfortunate we were to get beat by them in the FA Cup. It was a great feeling when we managed to knock them out of the trophy after another trip to London!”

Keep the good work up Austen 👏🏼

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