Plymouth Parkway Football Club are again next season offering away travel with the team on coach, and after discussions with the board it has been decided that we will look to offer a discounted price on last season’s prices, and also an even better discount if you buy a season ticket.
Last year we charged £20 per trip.
This season we will be charging £15 per trip, we have 17 trips (Please note there is no coach to Tavi, Exmouth or Buckland)
We are also offering a season ticket for every trip of the 17 (which would cost £255 separately) the price for this would be £220 which would bring the price per trip down to £12.95 a trip. We are also offering people the option to pay this over 2 months by paying £110 in August and £110 in September.
We hope this is good news for everyone looking to travel on the coach next season.
If you would like to buy a season ticket please speak to Genny or Mark on Friday at the Buckland game, or email or text 07971 199909
If you don’t want to buy a season ticket, but would like to book for Bridport away on 17th August please email the above or speak to Genny or Mark on Friday