Round Our Way Series 2 in production.

Following on from ‘Round Our Way’ a Parkway documentary, the well-received non-league story will be back to follow the fortunes of Plymouth Parkway as they begin life in the Pitching In Southern League for the very first time.

Since the release of Round Our Way, a lot has happened to the football club including a regeneration project at Bolitho Park, promotion, and a new look squad. Producer Mike Parrish understands he has a lot of stories and footage filmed before a ball has even been kicked: “It’s brilliant, I’ve already started the editing process. If you look at the last series, it started with Parkway failing to gain promotion and now this one will begin with them playing in a league they were striving to break in to. I’ll have my work cut out with the intro. Not only will I have to cover the new ground etc, I’ll have to cover the games played last season and who has left, who has signed etc, but I can’t wait.”

The first series peeked behind the curtain of Parkway with changing room footage and insight from the players, management, board and fans. So, what can we expect from the next instalment? Parrish explains: “The story is what the players do on the pitch in essence, that will be the linear storyline. What I can do is fill in the gaps. I would like to do things a little differently this time. I would like to film the struggles of the work, football, home life balance of a non-league footballer and coach. I’m lucky that Lee (Parkway manager) has allowed me access to the changing room again and all at Parkway will help me along the way. The new league will be more challenging, they could taste defeat a lot more and it will be interesting to film how they react in times of adversity.”

The last instalment was put out in three parts lasting just over an hour for each episode. This included a season ended by Covid-19 so what can viewers expect this time round? Parrish explains: “That’s a good question, I felt the last one was a good start, I possibly showed to much football at times. I will be quite sparing with what I put out on a weekly basis as everybody had pretty much seen all the footage if they watched the highlights etc each week. I think it’s gonna work hand in hand, highlights are a lot to do each week, that doesn’t mean I will not put things out each week. It would have been silly to launch Parkway TV and not put out any content. Interviews and people are more impactful then highlights I believe. I’ll still show goals etc, but I will be careful with what’s put out. I think highlights are a little much, we aren’t Premier League, and they are time consuming, but Parkway TV will still be full of content including interviews and goals plus much more. My hope is for fans and viewers to watch a story that is totally new to them, even if they know already know the end result”

“Parkway is a story I’ve been telling for nearly five years and the whole cast have played a part in making it a true non-league story. Who knows what the future holds but I’m here for the season, and I can’t wait to follow the fortunes of all involved with the club and produce another documentary that hopefully stands the test of time” adds Parrish.

Round Our Way series two is scheduled for release in June 2022.

To catch up on the first series, it is still available by hitting the link: Parkway – Round Our Way

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