The Retained List

As Plymouth Parkway move into the Southern League for the upcoming 2021-22 season, Lee Hobbs and his staff have been extremely busy crafting a squad ahead of the new season. We have already sadly said goodbye to Matt Wright, Levi Landricombe and Steve Colwell and this morning, news broke of Ryan Richards leaving the football club.

We thank them all for their efforts last season and we wish them all the best for the future.

With players leaving, the management have been busy looking at potential new signings ahead of the new season. Details of these will follow in due course.

Current members of the squad have been under contract, and we are delighted to announce that these players have all extended their contracts for the upcoming season.

These players are:

Ryan Lane

Mikey Williams

Harrison Davis

River Allen

We are also delighted to announce that players not under contract but have committed to Bolitho for the upcoming season are as follows:

Callum Hall

Craig Veal

Jordan Bentley

Kyle Moore

Michael Landricombe

Shane Krac

Billy Palfrey

Rob Farkins

The club are delighted these players have showed their commitment to the football club and we wish each one every success ahead of the upcoming season.

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