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Are you looking for an innovative way to advertise your business? Then look no further.

At Plymouth Parkway Football Club, we have ample advertising opportunities to best suit your budget and business needs. From pitch side advertising boards, to the many different digital options we have to offer.

By investing in advertising with us, you will instantly; create content for sharing across your social media network, build on your brand awareness, and strengthen the good reputation of your company.

The five key benefits of becoming a sponsor are:

Community Involvement

By sponsoring and building a relationship with Plymouth Parkway, you will be demonstrating your commitment to your local community which in turn helps the public – your customers, build trust in your brand and thus your company’s reputation. An effective yet simple way to demonstrate your local responsibility.


Publicity is good, especially when you are showing your support and commitment to us, a local grass roots football team. Sport is built on emotion and your business can help facilitate that through your loyalty, a far more powerful tool than just advertising alone.


Of course, the idea of advertising is to increase sales and naturally, your increased visibility and publicity builds a return for your investment. By demonstrating your loyalty, customers are more inclined to invest in you.

Marketing Campaigns/Content

It’s no secret that generating content for marketing campaigns can be tricky at times and you can often feel like you are ‘scraping the barrel’ as the online world becomes a more powerful tool and equally demanding each day. 

By becoming a sponsor, it will build content for you, allowing your business to generate unique campaigns with content highlighting your dedication to the community. You will also be able to utilise images and local stories throughout the season.


Renewing your sponsorship each season and strengthening your  relationship with us, you will be able to demonstrate your loyalty and build an excellent community reputation.

The passion of sports fan extends to our sponsors, and they will often gravitate towards you and refer their friends and family to you.

Sponsorship doesn’t just stop at advertising for us. We like to get to know each and every one of our sponsors, touch base regularly and get you down to games to socialise. You will have the chance to network will likeminded business people and people in the local community. We also like to hear from our sponsors with stories we can publish across our social network throughout the season.

Get in touch with our friendly Commercial Manager, Keira to arrange an informal chat and see what we can do for you and to request a copy of our inventory.

Email or call Keira or 07590 274748 and visit our Commercial Pages by clicking here or by navigating your way through the tabs on our website.

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