The Player Data mission: ‘To transform the way athletes train – giving amateur to professional clubs access to their performance data.’

Player Data pride themselves on bringing athletes together to make the most of their data. They value openness, progress and accessibility which are the foundation of what the company stands for. 

Plymouth Parkway are delighted to partner with Player Data and their mission statement is one the club strive for as the coaching staff look to bring every available professionalism to the squad ahead of the new season. 

A key person in the partnership process would be club sports therapist Regan Miles who is delighted with the new partnership: “We were looking into other alternatives which would provide a more superior and efficient service to how we collect our data from training and match days. After conversations with PlayerData on what they can provide us in terms of analytics, we were really keen as a coaching staff and club to begin working with them as we felt they provided the best service on the market for us.”

Each player will be assigned a new GPS pod that will collect data across matches and training sessions giving the coaching staff a up to date analysis on the performance of each player. Regain adds: “We’ll mainly use the pods to look more in depth into how we’re loading our players over the duration of the season. The pods will provide us with football-specific data which we’ll begin analysing to see what players may need adaptations to their loading and what numbers players are providing on match days. The pods will also be used to analyse player positioning on various phases of play throughout the course of 90-minutes.” 

Harry Goonan, Business Development Manager at Player Data would add: “”We are so excited to get to work with the club and to help the squad keep track and monitor training loads over the season, there’s some big things on the way for this great club”

We are delighted to be sponsoring with this exciting company and we hope the Plymouth Parkway – Player Data relationship will continue to grow as we move forward. 

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